Built with modern technologies, it is situated in the heart of the vineyards of the Cirò D.O.C. at Frassà, not far from the sea.
The ground where the winery stands measures 13,000 sq. m, including an indoor area of 4,000 sq. m, while the remaining part is destined to a large yard, parking places, flowerbeds and exhibition of ancient objects concerning the wine production and the land tilling.
The winery is equipped with the best technological facilities offered by the wine-making industries such as stainless steel containers and machinery allowing forefront wine-making methods.
Its capacity, considering the barriques and the steel reservoirs, measures 8,000 hectolitres and its productive capability reaches over one million bottles in a year. The inside of the winery is provided with a sophisticated oenological laboratory allowing high-qualified analyses. A daily control is carried out on the grapes and wine throughout the year up to the moment of the bottling.
The outside of the facility was built completely of materials of local origin such as stones, tiles and bricks, while inside the best materials provided for by the relevant provisions were used for the observation of the sanitary regulations.

The barrel store

The barrel store (or aging room) is completely built underground at a depth of 5 m, using scraps, stones and bricks, many of which date back to the 18th century, moulded by a skilled hand one by one so as to let the visitor see a mysterious underworld, all this built according to modern technical criteria and ancient aesthetic style at the same time. The room, measuring approximately 600 sq. m, is completely humidified and air-conditioned.
In its inner silence, the reserve wines are lovingly refined and aged in barriques of French oak and Calabria chestnut. Walking along the cask store we can see atavic stone niches embellished by rare objects belonging to the farm civilization.

Some Pictures: