A well-known Calabrian family existing in Cirò from the dawning of the 16th century, when the great mathematician and astrologist Luigi Lilio reformed the Gregorian calendar in 1582.
Many rich noble families of Cirò were born precisely in the 16th century and started setting up solid properties which became part of the history of the territory. These include the old house Iuzzolini, recognized among the leading families of the sixteenth century.

One of his distant descendants Iuzzolini dates back to Luigi, who was born in 1514 while the next century sees many celebrities including the notary Juzzolini Carlo who was born in 1698. In the 18th century for the first time the letter “I” appeared in place of the archaic “J”.
In the last century from the marriage between Don Fortunato Iuzzolini and Donna Vittoria Liotti, was born in 1906 Don Diego Iuzzolini, the father of Fortunato, current owner of the company. This one, together with his wife Giovanna Colicchio and sons, Diego, Pasquale, Antonio and Rosa, started in 2005 the processing of the grapes, and built a modern equipped winery, thus realizing a dream handed down over time